Capital Markets Audit Vacancy

Our client is seeking a strong risk professional for a senior manager role in the Global Risk Management Audit Group.

The VP will be a market risk practitioner with experience across all areas of market risk. The successful individual would have the opportunity to develop knowledge of operational, credit, liquidity and control risk as well as provide risk expertise to other internal audit areas whenever there is a requirement. Risk Management reviews cover all aspects of the firm’s market, credit and operational risk processes, including:

  • risk policies and procedures adequacy and adherence,
  • quality of market and risk data,
  • monitoring of risk exposures.

The successful candidate will have regular dialogue with the Managers in London and other parts of the world to discuss market trends and the level of risk exposure.

Skills Required

  • Strong understanding of market/ credit/ liquidity/ or ops risk – perhaps having worked in these areas in a major bank.
  • Good team work skills to support other audit functions as a market risk expert.
  • Good relationship building skills.
  • Adequate computer sills, able to work in excel and access.

The person will work within Global Risk Management Audit to complete the annual audit plan. This will include communicating to senior management and the Board Audit Committee those areas requiring control enhancements and providing recommendations for improvements. The Risk Management function has a global responsibility to evaluate the quality of the firm’s risk monitoring process and efficacy.