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Morgan Stanley to Award More Bonuses Up Front

Morgan Stanley  is giving employees a greater portion of their bonuses up front as the bank seeks to structure pay in line with peers and lower expenses in future years. . .

Banks falling behind on liquidity monitoring says Swift

Fewer than a third of banks are at the implementation stage of projects implementing the Basel intraday liquidity monitoring rules that come into force next month – and most believe that industry collaboration will be needed to achieve a successful outcome. . .

Report: Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme (RCAP) Assessment of Basel III regulations –European Union

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision have published their RCAP Assessment report:


Libor Probe Finds No Evidence Against Jain, Handelsblatt Says

Germany’s financial regulator found no evidence during a two-year probe that Deutsche Bank AG co-Chief Executive Officer Anshu Jain knew about or participated in possible interest rate manipulation, newspaper Handelsblatt reported. . .

Denmark Says Bank Breakups Make No Sense After Bail-Ins

Denmark said it will fight plans in the European Union to split banks deemed too big to fail, arguing existing resolution rules make such a proposal moot.