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HSBC Swiss private banking arm faces tax investigation

French magistrates examining whether the bank helped wealthy clients avoid a new tax, the European Union Savings Directive . . .


Credit Suisse Judge Accepts $2.6 Billion Tax Plea Deal

Credit Suisse AG’s $2.6 billion plea bargain resolving allegations it helped wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes was accepted by a federal judge, ending a three-year probe that helped upend Swiss bank secrecy. . .

After plea deal, Credit Suisse faces U.S. hearing on pension business

Credit Suisse AG will face a public hearing over whether or not the U.S. government should allow the Swiss bank to manage Americans’ retirement funds after its decision to plead guilty to tax crimes.

UBS looking to take back bonuses from forex traders

UBS AG, among the six banks fined this week for their role in the global foreign exchange scandal, is looking at clawing back bonuses from its traders…

BIS Working Paper 471: The leverage ratio over the cycle

This paper analyses how the Basel III leverage ratio (Tier 1 capital/exposure) behaves over the cycle. The analysis proposes a setup to test for the cyclical properties of bank capital ratios, taking into account structural shifts in banks’ behaviour during the global financial crisis and its aftermath.